Jinhe International (China) Holding Group

Jinhe International (China) Holding Group is a modern science and technology catering enterprises that integrates supply chain management, food products development, technology R&D, intelligent manufacturing, central kitchens, aspetic distribution, smart food vending machines and online ordering. Jinhe smart catering system don’t need store, decoration and staff, providing unattended operation . Jinhe International focus on food material, cooking, delivery and selling, providing modern cate

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  • 终端设备
  • 餐饮管理


  • Franchise Cooperation

    Innovate the operation method, increase the revenue channel, Increase revenue.

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  • Agent Cooperation

    One step to join in, management easily with company supports and earn benefits for a lifelong time.

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  • Advertising Cooperation

    Each meal selling machine has its own advertising screen, with a large audience and accurate delivery.

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  • Catering Cooperation

    Social catering kitchens use their free time to raise income.

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  • 5Family

    Strategic cooperation agency

  • 4One

    Contracted city agent

  • 100One

    Terminal network joining

  • 10Ten thousand

    Service terminal consumer

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Jinhe International (China) Holding Group

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