Chief Designer



Jin Xukai

Professional inventor

Honored as one of the top ten outstanding young workers in China in 1998, and made a speech in the great hall of the people;

Made speech in Chongqing university, Logistics engineering college of the peoples liberation army, Sichuan provincial party committee, Sun Yat-Sen University and Dr. Shenzhen BBS.

Taught at Chongqing university from 2000-2001.

Invented Chinese space toilet in 2008

The overall champion of Chinese inventors grand challenge in 2010

Grand slam gold award winner of the world four great inventions exhibition (USA, Germany, France, Switzerland);

The only highest prize in the silicon valley international invention exhibition -- special gold medal recommended by the organizing committee and Santa Clara mayor's award;

President of Shengshi intelligent industry research institute and director of academician science innovation center.

With 240 individual inventions, 198 domestic and international double patents, like Excavated space toilet, Automatic catering robot, Shushan multifunctional outdoor room, Built-in safety elevator, Intelligent ecological industrial park, China liaoning aircraft carrier elevator and so on.