Cooperation mode


Recruitment of regional exclusive agent all over the world, one region, one agent, the agent is responsible for the regional operation management, pay the agent fee and enjoy the regional sales income.

profit model


2%-3% of the sales income of all terminal vending machines in the agent territory, and 10% of the profit from advertising space.

Profit analysis



Cooperation support


Join Jinhe International to become a regional agent with your team, the company sent people for team training, assist in the location, business negotiations, publicity and promotion, and cooperate with the operation and maintenance of point equipment.The company is solely responsible for the cooking and distribution of the equipment.

Responsibilities and obligations of cooperation


Both parties shall strictly abide by the terms of the cooperation agreement. Jinhe International shall provide personnel training and technical support to the agent. The agent shall comply with the management system of the company, strengthen the operation and management of the equipment in the agent region, and jointly make suggestions for increasing the equipment sales.