Cooperation mode


The social catering kitchen makes use of the spare time under the production standard of Jinhe International, to make food products for smart catering vending machine.

Profit model


Profit sharing shall be based on 8%-10% of the total sales of catering equipment of the cooperative kitchen.

Profit analysis



Cooperation support


Jinhe International provides raw material procurement, cooking standards, conducts food research and innovation, and sends personnel for kitchen management and supervision, standardizes the kitchen safety and health system, and strictly requires the safe production of the chef team.

Cooperation responsibilities and duties


The daily output of the cooperative kitchen shall reach more than 1000 boxes, and it shall have the business license for industry and commerce, food business license, public health license, opinions on qualified fire inspection and other legal business certificates needed. And do according to the company's standards of safe production to ensure the quality of food.The company shall implement the cooperative support policy and distribute the income for the cooperative kitchen in strict accordance with the agreement standard.