Cooperation mode


Don't want to go to work and start a business? Do you know how to manage money when you have idle funds? Join Jinhe intelligent catering system, with low investment and high return. There are two modes of independent operation and trusteeship operation to choose from, so that you can easily own your career and wealth.

profit model


Franchisees can enjoy 10% - 20% of the total sales revenue of meals, stews and drinks of each franchised equipment as franchising profit, and 10% - 15% of the advertising revenue of franchised equipment as additional revenue.

Profit analysis


Each vending machine is calculated by selling 300 boxes a day (including breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snack); the price of food is 15-25 yuan a box, calculated by 20 yuan a box; the annual output value of each vending machine is 1.8 million yuan / set (300 boxes / set / day × 20 yuan / box × 300 days) if calculated by 300 days a year;

If the franchisee's revenue is 15% of the operating revenue, the annual profit of the property company is 216000 yuan / set (1.8 million yuan / set × 15%);

Cooperation support


The company is responsible for the operation and management of material procurement, product research and development, food cooking, logistics distribution, operation promotion, equipment maintenance, etc. the franchisee does not need to worry about the production and distribution of food products, does not need to carry out tedious personnel and operation management, and is a real investment channel that can liberate hands and brains.

Responsibilities and obligations of cooperation


Both parties shall strictly abide by the terms of the cooperation agreement and cooperate with each other in the operation and management of the vending machine.