Operating mode

Operation Mode

Jinhe International has established an internationalized standard control system for the whole process of "from food material source to end demand", realizing seamless connection between the raw material end, the production end, the distribution end, the supervision end and the consumer end. Group unified procurement, central kitchen centralized processing, unified standard process packaging, special delivery of dining car; Consumer-oriented,  provide different needs of food for office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, stations and other different scenes, for the majority of consumers to provide scientific, safe, fast, intensive modern catering services.

Green traceable supply chain

Collective procurement management to improve the traceability of meals; integrate source control, simplify intermediate trading links, and reduce procurement costs.

Scientific healthy meal

Bringing together well-known health nutrition experts at home and abroad to create a modern healthy catering center, carefully tailoring scientific catering for consumers.

Transparent central kitchen

The central kitchen serves a radius of 3-8KM, standardizing standardized operations, intensive production and a transparent cooking environment.

Constant temperature aseptic preservation

Ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilization package, constant temperature sterile fresh-keeping distribution, meals from production to consumer mouth, the full cycle does not exceed 3.5 hours.

Smart terminal vending machine

Only 4m2 of space, unattended, instant consumption scenarios, more efficient and faster.

Mobile APP user operation

Multi-dimensional online user operations such as mobile phone ordering/online payment/promotional activities/sharing interactions, cultivating user loyalty and carrying out viral fission.