Smart terminal sales

Greatly reduce the traditional catering construction cycle and reduce the traditional catering investment cost, effectively solve the traditional catering management problems, reduce the investment risk.

Centralized and efficient distribution

Greatly improve the distribution efficiency and effectively reduce the distribution cost. Ordinary takeaways deliver take a dozen at one time, and we deliver nearly a thousand at one time.

3-5 km nearby supply

Multiple central kitchens provide food close to each other and sell food within 3.5 hours to ensure the taste and freshness of food.

Localized taste

According to different regional market demand for food taste adjustment, effectively avoid the traditional large central kitchen’s disadvantage of sameness.

Cooperative feeding mode

Cooperate with local famous restaurants to serve meals, effectively reduce the investment cost and construction cycle;With the help of the influence of the kitchen, quickly wins the trust and recognition of consumers, thus achieving a triple win in the market.